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Every student need to follow these 5 Steps on How to Write a Great Essay. As a student, you are going to have to write an essay. It is not something that you can evade. As cliché as this may seem- essay writing is not one of the hardest things in the world. You just need to open up your mind and come up with a great plan on how to write the best essay ever.

1. Select the topic that you want to write a great essay on

You need something to write. Even before you can get your creativity going, you will need to select a topic that you can write about. Some students may opt to choose a topic that is simple, and one that they feel they can be done within no time at all. Truth be told, there is no easy topic or hard topic. However, there are topics that you are likely to be more familiar and conversant with. Once you choose your topic, you are on your way to writing a great essay.

2. Write down your ideas

Which direction do you want to write a great essay? Before you start writing you need to have a rough idea of what you want to write. If you start writing without laying out a plan, you are probably going to take a longer time writing the essay. You need to figure out what you are going to write in the introduction, the body and the conclusion of your essay. So, having a good layout of your ideas is important.

3. Choose an opening line that is attractive

Your introduction is everything. Your first line carries the weight of the essay. The opening line needs to be strong, and attractive enough to keep your reader interested. However, don’t stop there, write up an essay worthy of a high score

4. Carry out research

Creativity is essential, but unsupported creativity and flow of words are useless. Carry out the necessary research, so you can write a well-informed piece. To write a great essay is all about facts, and you need to make sure that you have all your facts straight.

5. Go through your work

After carrying out your research, you now need to start writing your essay. After writing the essay, make sure to go through your work several times. One of the biggest mistake that a student can make, is to submit their work without proofreading it. The tutor reading your work will not have a good time reading all the errors in your essay, and it will be reflected in your results.

Writing an essay can become easy with just a few steps. After laying out a great plan, carrying out your research, and following the few tips above, you will be able to write a brilliant essay.