Case study assignment help

Case study assignment help

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What is a Case Study?

A case study is in-depth research into a person, group, phenomenon, or event to increase knowledge. Case studies are used to understand real-life contexts on various issues. They are popular in various disciplines, especially social sciences since they clarify unknown aspects of people or issues. Students are advised to use case studies in their assignments and projects to become better acquainted with certain situations they are unfamiliar with. The research process in a case study is essential as it ensures the author is aware of what they are meant to accomplish and how to go about it. Acquiring information is vital to a case study’s success, and it depends on how the student wishes to proceed with their project.

Elements of a Case Study

A case study has several parts within its body. 

  1. Executive summary. The author provides a detailed summary of what is contained in various parts of the paper. 
  2. Introduction. It introduces the report of the case and the author’s critical issue that motivates the case study. 
  3. Analysis. Students analyze the problem comprehensively, which can help them find the best way to solve or address it. 
  4. Alternatives and decision criteria. Students develop different ways of solving the problem and critical requirements to solve the problem successfully.
  5. Recommendations and implementation. Students explain to the reader how they plan to solve the problem and the plan used to do it. 
  6. Conclusion and recommendations. The student summarizes all the main points of the case study. 
  7. References. Students acknowledge where all the information has been retrieved.

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Cheap Case Study Writing Service –

Want to “pay someone to write my case study?” Our cheap case study writing service is pretty impressive. Some of the kinds of case studies we will write for you include:

  1. Illustrative case studies. Illustrative case studies bring more insight into existing and familiar case studies to help more people understand them. The case studies are popular among students who are tasked with explaining known phenomena in their own words. However, illustrative case studies are less research-oriented as students are aware of what they should work on.
  2. Exploratory case studies. Exploratory case studies are used to provide primary information on a subject or research topic before a more detailed investigation takes place. It ensures that authors have basic knowledge of what they might work on in the future. Authors familiarize themselves with a topic or subject at this stage to learn what is needed for a more exhaustive investigation. It also helps in knowing what should not be investigated if the information retrieved from the exploratory case study is unfavorable.
  3. Cumulative case studies. Cumulative case studies are the most popular in qualitative research as fewer resources are needed to obtain new information. Cumulative case studies focus on retrieving information from past case studies and compiling them into one report. Multiple past case studies are explored to get as much relevant information as possible. Finally, the selected information is compiled into a report that summarizes all the findings from the past case studies. Cumulative case studies are time-efficient and straightforward as students benefit from the efforts of past researchers in their work. 
  4. Critical instance case studies. Critical instance case studies help students in figuring out strange events and how they can be explained. They are the most research-dependent since there is less information on the subject at hand. Therefore, the time spent on this case study is more than the other three discussed in this section. Critical instance case studies are used to find the cause and effect of an event. They are more focused on connecting actions to an outcome and learn how they are related.

Case Study Assignment Help –

The best way to analyze a case study is by evaluating how well it details its problem and a student’s plan to solve it. In addition, the success of a case study is based on how the author explains how the critical issue is addressed by the end of the report. Without these aspects, the case study cannot succeed since it failed in critical parts.

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We have a price calculator which helps in determining the cost of writing your case study. The cost is determined by the type of service, academic level, deadline, number of pages, and document spacing.

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One of the essential aspects of seeking cheap case study writing help is a writer’s qualifications—this is why GPA Market has a strict hiring process. To become part of our expert case study tutor, you have to do the following:

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  • IEEE
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