Money-back Guarantee

Money-back Guarantee

Most companies in the academic writing industry do not have a specific Money Back Guarantee and do not keep their promises of refunding funds to clients. Nevertheless, we assure our clients of secure and safe Money Back Guarantee policies. 

At our website, you can request and receive a refund in case anything goes wrong. Our company has invested in customer satisfaction—thus,  refund requests are rare, but in the event they occur, they will be reviewed by our specialists to ensure they are genuine. 

Money back Guarantee

Quality-based refund requests reviews can take a maximum of 14 days, but other refund requests are processed within 3-4working days. Some of the possible scenarios that are covered in our money-back guarantee include:

I want to cancel my Order

If you want to cancel an order before it is assigned to a writer, you are entitled to 100% refund.

In case you cancel an order which has been confirmed by a writer, the refund amount is given depending on the amount of work done by the writer. This is to ensure the writer receives compensation for the work done on the order.

You cannot receive a refund in the event the order has been completed and delivered to your order page. However, you can request for a refund due to genuine quality concerns. 

In the event, a cancelation has to happen due to unavoidable circumstances, our company will consider a refund after review by our specialists.

If you wish to cancel an order, you should contact our Support team through phone or live chat. This is to ensure the cancellation is processed within the minimum time possible. 

I paid for one order twice

In case you make a double payment for one order, you should contact us immediately and provide evidence to enable us to refund any extra amount.

I accidentally placed two identical Orders 

In the event you make payment for two identical orders, you should immediately contact us before they are both assigned to writers. It is the mandate of the client to cancel any order they may deem unnecessary and failure to which all orders will be considered as regular orders, and standard refund policies will apply.

No writer was found to work on an order

Our company has the required workforce to work on all orders placed by our clients. Although in rare cases, your order may lack a writer to work on it and so the company is entitled to issue a refund to the customer.

My paper was late

In case of lateness due to your inability to provide all the necessary materials in time, we cannot issue any refunds. 

In case of any late delivery of orders, you can request for a recalculation based on the amount of time delayed. However, you should note that our company has adopted a strict no-lateness policy to our writers and all staff.

The revision of my paper was late

Delay refunds and price recalculations do not apply to revisions as deadlines are set differently for each order. You are required to choose deadlines of your orders while taking into consideration any emergence of a revision. 

Dissatisfaction with the quality of a paper

You are entitled to request for a free revision in the event you are not satisfied with the quality of paper delivered. Additionally, you can request a refund in the event you prove your case is genuine.

Any revision or refund request must be based on the materials and instructions initially provided when placing orders.

I received my completed paper but forgot to approve it

You have a maximum of 14 days to approve the completed paper. If you fail to request for a revision or refund within the stipulated time, the paper is automatically approved by the system, and a refund is not possible.


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