Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information about you

Privacy Policy – You are required to provide your personal information to us before we commence working on their first order. Some of the information you are required to provide to the website include the name and email address. The purposes of the personal information we collect from our buyers include:

  • To create a personal account for buyers on our website and enable various departments to track the past and current records of orders.
  • To enable us to receive comments and feedback from our buyers about our products and services.
  • To enable our support department to get in touch with our buyers in case of any situation or emergency.

Information Security

  • All information and data we receive from our buyers is stored safely in our server as our company has invested highly in reliable protection systems.
  • Our buyers’ data and information is protected in a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) system.

Cookies Usage

  • Cookies are only placed on a buyer’s computer hard drive only after we receive permission.
  • By using our cookies files, we can monitor and track all buyer’s activities on our website. Cookies are essential in enabling us to receive valuable information to help us improve our services and website.
  • We cannot use a buyer’s cookies without authorization.

Giving Information to Third Parties

  • We do not in any way share a buyer’s personal information with a third party or organization. 
  • The database on a buyer’s personal information is only available to our company’s authorized staff.

Online Children Privacy Protection Act Compliance

  • All activities of Gpamarket are in line with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).
  • We do not offer our services and products to persons less than 13 years old.
  • Our privacy policy refers to data gathered online and so we are reliable for any personal data collected offline and is not included in the Privacy Policy.
  • Users of the website should read the Terms and Conditions to have a better understanding of their rights and what is expected of them.
  • By using our services, individuals are deemed to have automatically accepted our Terms and Conditions as well as policies as presented in the website.


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