Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions


Terms and Conditions – “Website”, “We”, “Our” or “Company” refer to Gpamarket.com

“Buyer” refers to any person who seeks the services of Gpamarket.com and has adequate knowledge of the rules and regulations of the company. The buyer has to comply with the policies of the website and bear all the responsibilities of the services we offer.

“Product” refers to the different types of tasks, such as research papers, dissertations, and all kinds of written content.

Placing orders

2.1. We ensure all our writers and research analyst follow a buyer’s instructions while the buyer has a duty to pay for services offered. A buyer can only place an order after successfully creating a personalized account with us. The process of undertaking a buyer’s task commences once he or she submits an order which has well defined details and instructions on our Website.

2.2. We discourage buyers from requesting our services through other platforms apart from the website, such as email, live chat, or through the phone. However, we are committed to offer the necessary assistance to buyers who have issues placing their orders through the website.

Our Services

3.1. We offer a variety of educational and market research related services.

3.2. Our buyers are guaranteed of efficient services such as writing from scratch, proofreading, formatting, editing, and many more services.

3.3. Our buyers are recommended to review our company’s policies found in our Terms and Conditions, Money Back Guarantee, and Revision Policy to ensure they have a better understanding how our website works and to enhance better cooperation between both parties.

Payment and Discounts

4.1. The order placed by a buyer can only commence once he or she has made payment for the service required.

4.2. The service fee/payment is based on the calculations listed on our pricing page.

4.3. Buyers should channel their payments on the methods provided by the website.

4.4. The company has the right to offer discounts and bonuses based on its discrete current Discount Policy.

4.5. All the discounts and bonuses are provided equally to our buyers without any form of discrimination.

4.6. Any refund to the buyer must be based on the stipulated Money Back Guarantee Policy and the company is not responsible for any Bank Transfer fees or delays from bank services.

4.7 The buyer should comply with the income tax provisions that may result from using our services based on their country, location, or residence. 

Accepting the Terms

5.1. It is our duty to provide our buyers with the Terms and Conditions as well as policies to ensure smooth engagement during our working together.

5.2. We encourage our buyers to comply with all rules and regulations stipulated on our website. 

Editing, Deleting, and Modification Agreement

6.1. Our buyers should acknowledge that we may unilaterally change our Terms and Conditions at any given time to suit both the company’s and buyers’ needs.

6.2. Our buyers are recommended to regularly review these Terms and Conditions as the changes will reflect in this section of the Website.

Copyright Restrictions

7.1. We are committed to providing original products and services to our buyers. Our website has adopted a strict no plagiarism and academic dishonesty policy among its writers and research analysts.

7.2 We are not liable for any damages that may result from improper use or handling of our products/ services.

7.3. Our products and services should not be copied, sold, or reproduced for any commercial related purposes.

Descriptions and Product Pricing   

8.1. The prices of our services are clearly listed in our website and have flexible discounts to enable buyers purchase our products at favorable prices.

8.2. Our buyers are required to review our pricing and revision policies to avoid any misunderstandings before placing their orders.


Upon submitting orders, we will deem an action to be completed after following all instructions as requested by our buyers through activities which include:

  • Completing all orders based on formatting styles/structuring as requested by the buyer.
  • Submitting the final work to the buyer as per the instructions and in the stipulated timeline.
  • Buyers may not obtain any personal profits from distributing or copying any work or content acquired from Gpamarket.com


10.1. We have the mandate to allow or restrict any individual from accessing the website for the benefit of both/either the company or its buyers.

10.2. We guarantee that visiting our website at any given time is safe and prone to no errors or problems related to factors like viruses and malware.

Corporate Intellectual Property Rights

11.1. Any information, content, and other intellectual property on the website remain our property.

11.2. No person has a right to create an analogous website or use any of our intellectual property by alerting documentations or software.


12.1. Any personal information provided by or to our buyers is considered personal and cannot be shared with any third party at any given circumstances.

12.2. Any agreement between the company and the buyer is confidential and cannot be accessed by any unwarranted parties.

Non-Assignment of Rights

The buyer should be responsible for their personal account on our website and the company is against other individuals besides the buyer accessing the personal dashboard.


An agreement between the company and the buyer is considered valid once the buyer visits the website and uses the services we provide and both parties have a duty to follow and respect the Terms and Conditions as well as the policies provided in the website.

Severability of Terms

In case any regulation from our Terms and Conditions is deemed unenforceable or inactive due to a court order or decree, the regulation will be petitioned through permission from the law. Our Terms and Conditions are compiled in a comprehensible manner for easy interpretation by the buyer and users of the website.


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